David Crosby Says He’s Selling His Music Catalog Because Streaming ‘Stole’ His Money

Earlier this week, Bob Dylan shared news that shocked the music world: it was announced that he’s selling his entire 60-year-spanning music catalog to Universal for a huge amount of money. While many were surprised to hear the news, one of Dylan’s contemporaries wasn’t — because he’s about to do the same. Responding to a report of Dylan’s sale, David Crosby said he is also planning on selling his music catalog.

Sharing the news on Twitter, Crosby said that his decision is in part due to streaming’s increase in popularity, which does not result in a big payout for artists. “I can’t work …and streaming stole my record money,” he wrote. “I have a family and a mortgage and I have to take care of them so it’s my only option ..I’m sure the others feel the same.”

Continuing to speak to the pitfalls of streaming, Crosby said that no artist would choose to sell their music if they were paid well enough by streaming services.

Streaming services aren’t the only thing affecting an artist’s income right now. The pandemic shut down the live music industry, which Crosby cites as another reason for his decision to sell his music.

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