Dogleg Are More Than A Garage Band In Their ‘Kawasaki Backflip’ Video

Michigan punk-rockers Dogleg love videogames. The group loves videogames so much, that much of their music is named after some of their favorites. The group’s 2019 single “Fox” got its title from Nintendo’s Star Fox. Their forthcoming record Melee pulls inspiration from their collective obsession, Super Smash Bros. While their latest single “Kawasaki Backflip” may not be from a videogame, it is still full of energy.

“Kawasaki Backflip” is a cacophony of meddled power chords and noisy snare drum licks that takes the distinct feeling of angst and forms it into a sound. According to a statement, “Kawasaki Backflip” is about “two options of how anxiety and depression will be dealt with—by burning it all down with fire, or letting yourself be blown away completely by the wind.” The video reflects the single’s sentiment, as the band chooses the former smashes several ceramic pots, glass vases, and even a TV in order to make sense of the internal struggle.

Dogleg’s forthcoming effort Melee has been two years in the making. The group crafted the record completely from their basement and stay true to their DIY roots with room-filling power cords and shredded vocal tracks.

Watch Dogleg’s “Kawasaki Backflip” video above.

Melee is out 3/13 on Triple Crown. Pre-order it here.