Dominic Fike Brings His Cover Of Paul McCartney’s ‘The Kiss Of Venus’ To ‘The Late Late Show’

Dominic Fike had the honor of being chosen by Paul McCartney to participate in his McCartney III Imagined project, which saw other artists transform his songs. Fike’s contribution was a cover of “The Kiss Of Venus,” which he performed on The Late Late Show last night.

Before the song, Fike chatted with Corden about how working with McCartney was special for him, especially considering that The Beatles were one of the first things he and his girlfriend bonded over. He said, “On our first date, there wasn’t really much to talk about. I didn’t know her, we didn’t meet through mutual friends. I saw her in a movie and I was like, ‘Wow, she’s really hot.’ And then I messaged her and she asked me to go on a walk. And there was nothing really to talk about, so we just went through all the motions, like ‘What movies are you into,’ ‘What kind of music are you into?’ And she immediately [said], ‘Do you like The Beatles?’ I said, ‘I like Paul McCartney.’ She said that’s her favorite artist. I was always trying to do things to impress her, make music to impress her. Then when this opportunity happened, I was like, ‘Wow, she’s going to fall in love with me.'”

Watch the clips from Fike’s Late Late Show appearance above.