Fall Out Boy Put Their Tears On Wax — Literally — For Their New Album, Which They’re Releasing On ‘Crynyl’

It isn’t only digital musical formats that are being updated with new technology lately. While AI is getting all the attention, there have been some pretty zany advancements to one of the original music formats, vinyl records, in recent years. While they’ve been released in all kinds of colors and designs, the latest shows just how much blood, sweat, and tears the band Fall Out Boy put into their new album — literally.

Specifically, the band’s new album, So Much (For) Stardust, will be released on “Crynyl,” a limited edition vinyl infused with Pete Wentz’s tears. It’s a pretty cheeky reference to the band’s emo-rock stylings, which have prompted plenty of tears over the past 20 years.

Fall Out Boy teased the unusual release earlier this year on Instagram with a video of Pete making himself produce the necessary lacrimal secretions by any means necessary. Methods involved included chopping onions and Pete reminiscing about his life before meeting bandmate Patrick Stump, as well as watching sad videos online. “Working on something super top secret,” they wrote. “More on it very soon.”

Now that the secret’s out, here comes the (mildly) disappointing news: They only made 50 copies of the Crynyl (curse Pete’s baseline happiness!), and it seems that the first pressing of So Much (For) Stardust is already sold out. But it doesn’t seem that the band is quite finished with the rollout shenanigans because as Pete pointed out to Apple Music Radio, they see the release as an “event,” not a fly-by-night moment.