Fleet Foxes Will Release Something Titled ‘Shore’ This Week According To Posters In Paris

The last time fans got new Fleet Foxes was in 2017 with their third album, Crack Up. The project arrived after the band took a three year hiatus from 2013-2016 following their 2011 album, Helplessness Blues. Now more than three years removed from their last album, it appears Fleet Foxes are readying their fourth thanks to clues on their latest promotional campaign. According to Stereogum, posters promoting a Fleet Foxes release entitled “Shore” can be found in Paris. The poster also reveals that “Shore” will arrive this Tuesday, September 22.

Whether it be a song, an album, or some other kind of musical release, fans of the indie rock band will surely appreciate the return of Fleet Foxes. The band’s lead vocalist Robin Pecknold previously shared a number of unreleased demos with fans on New Year’s Eve in 2018. While they were quite short, the demos also gave some fans reason to expect an album in following year. Pecknold did tease a project entitled Shore on his Instagram story last year, but in neither case did a full album materialize anywhere. His post presents what appears to be 15 songs for Shore with 14 of the 15 songs scribbled out. The lone song title that fans could see was the potential album’s title track which appeared as the final song on the Shore project.

Check out the posters promoting “Shore” in the tweet above.

(via Stereogum)