Grimes Battles A Faceless Knight In The ‘Player Of Games’ Video

It’s been quite an interesting few years for Grimes. Of course, she dropped her fifth album, Miss Anthropocene, but attention was distracted from her music releases by a chaotic, much-frowned-upon-by-fans relationship with tech billionaire Elon Musk. Elon and Grimes even had a child together during the course of their partnership, but have since reportedly split. Her comments about his hair in Musk’s Time‘s Person Of The Year article seemed nice enough, but her latest song tells a different story.

Now that they’ve parted ways, Grimes is back to writing music, dropping “Love” in September, and her latest song, “Player Of Games,” which seems to include at least a few lines that fans think are be about Musk. Today, she’s shared the video, and it definitely doubles down on those assumptions. It begins with a naked Grimes grasping onto a faceless knight in armor, and the pair end up facing off over a chess game, and eventually battling with glowing neon swords. Check out the visual up top, and keep an ear out for more from Grimes because she’s definitely launching a new era. She’s previously declared her most recent work as some of the best she’s ever done, and thinks her new album will be her greatest yet.