Gus Dapperton Goes Deep Inside His Head In The Self-Directed ‘First Aid’ Video

Gus Dapperton has shown that videos are more than an afterthought for him with visuals like “Post Humorous.” Now he’s back with another clip, a cerebral “First Aid” visual.

The clip starts with Dapperton getting into a disagreement with somebody before the clip zooms into the inner reaches of Dapperton’s brain. There, he is chained and beaten up before reconciling IRL. Dapperton says of the video, “This video was definitely a passion project. From the inception of this idea it’s taken us about a year to finally finish it. I’m so thankful for the team that worked with us on this and so thankful we were able to accomplish this idea during covid.”

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Dapperton also said of “First Aid,” “It’s about these deeper and darker thoughts I’d neglected to be a strong person — but in reality, being a strong person is about confronting those feelings. When I’m feeling depressed and lost in the world, there’s not many things that help me. Therapy doesn’t help me very much. But putting it into the music is very therapeutic for me.”

Dapperton also hosted a livestream leading up to the video’s premiere, during which he chatted with fans and played a couple songs.

Watch the “First Aid” video above and read our interview with Dapperton here.

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