Haim Put On Socially Distanced Light Shows While Performing ‘Don’t Wanna’ On ‘The Late Late Show’

Haim have figured out how to put on a good late-night TV performance during quarantine, as they demonstrated on The Late Show last month. Now they have brought their video chat act back to network TV with a performance of “Don’t Wanna” on The Late Late Show last night. The sisters played the song from their individual spaces and put on their own light shows towards the end of the groovy song.

Before performing, the group took a few minutes to chat with Corden, and Alana spoke about the live ambitions the group had for their new album, saying, “I miss [playing live] so much. Funny enough, when we were making this record, we honestly envisioned it being played live. We were like, ‘This is our most live-sounding album, we’re gonna play this album so much, we’re going to go on tour for years.’ And now we can’t do that. But when it’s safe, we will do that.

Este also revealed that of the Haim sisters, she is handling quarantining the worst. She said, “I’m really bad at being alone. First of all, I spend like every waking hour with Danielle and Alana normally, and then during quar’, I spent a month not seeing them. At first, it was me talking to myself, which is totally normal. But then I started answering myself, and then that is when I said, to myself, ‘Este, you have a problem.'”

Watch Haim’s Late Late Show appearance above.