How To Buy Pavement’s ‘Cautionary Tales: Jukebox Classiques’ Vinyl Box Set

Pavement superfans already have the band’s albums, but their singles releases may be a less common part of vinyl collections. Now, though, Pavement has announced Cautionary Tales: Jukebox Classiques, a collection of all of the 7-inch singles the group released from 1989 to 1999.

All in all, it features 18 records, all of which were reproduced with original artwork, and the collection comes with “a 24-page threaded saddle-sewn booklet and full discographical history,” per a press release.

How To Buy Pavement’s Cautionary Tales: Jukebox Classiques Vinyl Box Set

This release will actually be available exclusively through pre-orders. It’s available to pre-order now (via Matador, here), and the pre-order window is set to close on April 22. Pre-orders are expected to be delivered on July 12. The set is available digitally now.

Pavement’s Cautionary Tales: Jukebox Classiques Tracklist

1. Slay Tracks 1933-1969
A1. “You’re Killing Me”
A2. “Box Elder”
A3. “Maybe Maybe”
B1. “She Believes (edit)”
B2. “Price Yeah!”

2. Demolition Plot J-7
A1. “Fork Lift”
A2. “Spizzle Trunk”
A3. “Recorder Grot”
B1. “Internal K-Dart”
B2. “Perfect Depth”
B3. “Recorder Grot (Rally)”

3. Summer Babe
A1. “Summer Babe”
B1. “Mercy Snack”
B2. “Baptiss Blacktick”

4. Trigger Cut
A1. “Trigger Cut”
B1. “Sue Me Jack”
B2. “So Stark (You’re A Skyscraper)”

5. Cut Your Hair
A1. “Cut Your Hair”
B1. “Camera”
B2. “Stare”

6. Gold Soundz
A1. “Gold Soundz”
A2. “Kneeling Bus”
B1. “Strings Of Nashville”
B2. “Exit Theory”

7. Range Life
A1. “Range Life”
B1. “Raft”
B2. “Coolin’ By Sound”

8. Rattled By The Rush
A1. “Rattled By La Rush”
B1. “False Skorpion”
B2. “Easily Fooled”

9. Father To A Sister Of Thought
A1. “Father To A Sister of Thought”
B1. “Kriss Kraft”
B2. “Mussle Rock (Is A Horse In Transiton)”

10. Pacific Trim
A1. “Give It A Day”
A2. “Gangsters & Pranksters”
B1. “Saganaw”
B2. “I Love Perth”

11. Stereo
A1. “Stereo”
B1. “Birds In The Majic Industry (B side version)”

12. Shady Lane
A1. “Shady Lane (Krossfader)”
B1. “Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence”

13. Spit On A Stranger
A1. “Spit On A Stranger”
B1. “Harness Your Hopes (Live in Brixton)*”

14. Carrot Rope
A1. “Carrot Rope”
B1. “And Then”

15. Major Leagues
A1. “Major Leagues”
B1. “Your Time To Change”
B2. “Stub Your Toe”
C1. “Major Leagues (Demo)”
C2. “Decouvert De Soleil”
D1. “The Killing Moon”
D2. “The Classical”

16. Haunt You Down
A1. “Haunt You Down”
B1. “Jam Kids”

17. Black Out
A1. “Black Out (Alternate Version)”
B1. “Extradition (Alternate Version)”