Ian Sweet Moves Past Trauma In The Euphoric Single ‘Sing Till I Cry’

After following up their debut album with the buzz-worthy effort Crush Crusher, Ian Sweet (aka Jilian Medford) checked into an intensive outpatient psychiatric care program, which included six hours of therapy a day. Medford took away a lot from that experience, and with their upcoming album Show Me How You Disappear, the songwriter unpacks some of her biggest lessons.

Ian Sweet previously previewed Show Me How You Disappear with a handful of singles, including “Drink The Lake” and “Sword.” Medford now returns with the euphoric and resonating track “Sing Till I Cry.”

Speaking about the single in a statement, Medford said it’s a reflection on the aftermath of trauma:

“‘Sing Till I Cry’ encapsulates the aftermath of trauma and how your innocence feels like it’s been taken away from you. You forget the simplest things, what it feels like to smile, how to see things clearly. This song prompts me to heal and rediscover that lightness of being. What gives you up? What makes you cry? What gives you love?”

About the album as a whole, Medford explained how she took a different approach to songwriting this time around. “This is the first record that I leave that space for myself,” she said. “I feel a freedom on this one that I haven’t felt with the others. People always say, ‘I put all of me into this,’ but I actually didn’t this time — I left space.”

Watch the “Sing Till I Cry” video above.

Show Me How You Disappear is out 3/5 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.