Indiecast Takes Listener Questions And Reveals Guilty Pleasures

Last week, Steven Hyden tweeted a call for questions from Indiecast listeners that would inform the podcast’s new episode, the first entry in a new feature on the show. The curious responses to Hyden’s call were wide-reaching, ranging from questions the relevance of Foo Fighters in today’s musical landscape to the realistic influence of alternative streaming platforms like Bandcamp.

Most interestingly, however, one listener requested for Hyden and co-host Ian Cohen to reveal their guilty pleasures, or “bands that you’re embarrassed you like,” while another was wondering about the pandemic’s lasting impact on the music industry and whether we will ever see a live show again. These prompts lead to a discussion revolving around the current state of the music industry and what we can expect from the weeks and months to come. Of course, an episode of Indiecast wouldn’t be complete without touching upon some of today’s biggest indie stars like Phoebe Bridgers and Tame Impala.

In this week’s recommendation corner, Cohen is praising the mid-aughts post punk outfit The Stills and Hyden is praising Brian Eno and Cuttin’ Grass, the new album from Sturgill Simpson.

New episodes of Indiecast drop every Friday. Listen to Episode 12 below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts here. Stay up to date and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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