St. Vincent Joins Jack Antonoff On The Electric Lady Studios Roof For A Bleachers Performance

Jack Antonoff has been spending time at Electric Lady Studios lately, or to get more specific, on the roof of the famed New York City studio. He recently brought Lorde up there and the two delivered some stripped-back renditions of some Solar Power songs. Now Antonoff is back on the roof, and this time, he brought St. Vincent with him.

Together, the two performed the new Bleachers song “What’d I Do With All This Faith?.” On Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night, St. Vincent delivers some background vocals, although it’s on “Stop Making This Hurt,” not this song. Meanwhile, Bleachers also performed a Vincent-less rendition of “Big Life.”

St. Vincent previously told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe of working with Antonoff, “Because he can play everything — between the two of us, we can really play everything — there doesn’t have to be a sort of lost in translation moment where you go, ‘I kind of want it to be something like this,’ and then you get another instrumentalist in and you’re translating through them. I did work with other great people on the record; I don’t want to shortchange that at all, but we have a shorthand and he’s just one of my favorites.”

Watch the performance videos above.