Jameela Jamil Waited To Say She Directed James Blake’s New Video Because The Internet Is ‘Harsher On Women’

A week ago, James Blake dropped a new video for “Famous Last Words,” and it’s a cinematic visual that features Blake flexing his acting chops. Now, Blake’s girlfriend Jameela Jamil has revealed that she actually directed the clip and explained why she hadn’t shared that info until now.

On Twitter today, she wrote, “Because the internet is so much harsher on women, we held back on saying I directed James’ last video. But now that people like the video on its own I can say that I loved dreaming up this idea and then directing it, with my friend Chris, and an amazing crew for @jamesblake.” Blake responded simply, “You killed it.”

Jamil also commented on the video when it was released by praising Blake’s acting performance in it, tweeting, “James’ performance in this video makes me feel like he might have to come for my job. He’s so good. This song is so good. He also has a really great bum.”

Blake previously told Apple Music of the song, “It is kind of a love song. It’s kind of a breakup song. It’s weird. I think it blurs the line between friendship and romance. With friendships, it’s not necessarily that the feelings are romantic, but you can genuinely love someone and it hurt like that.”

Friends That Will Break Your Heart is out now via Republic Records. Get it here.