Jay Som Releases A Pair Of ‘Anak Ko’ B-Sides, ‘A Thousand Words’ And ‘Can’t Sleep’

Anak Ko was one of Jay Som’s biggest commercial and critical successes yet, and now she has shared some great news that’s related to the 2019 record. Today, Jay Som released a pair of b-sides from the album’s sessions, “A Thousand Words” and “Can’t Sleep.” Both songs will also be released on a 7-inch single on May 1.

“A Thousand Words” is a bright and upbeat tune, while “Can’t Sleep” comes from a place of greater chaos. Jay Som shared statements about both songs. She said of “A Thousand Words”:

“This song was made after a year of extensive touring plus a cancelled tour. I forced myself to make a sort of big and jovial song to bring me out of the funk I was in. I also wanted to remind myself that music can be fun! It was heavily inspired by Bruce Springsteen, Elliott Smith, Pavement and that song ‘Alright’ by Supergrass.”

She also wrote of “Can’t Sleep”:

“‘Can’t Sleep’ was made in August or September 2017 while I was living with my parents in between US tours, before I moved to LA. I think I had all my gear packed away somewhere that I couldn’t access, so I used instruments left over in my childhood room: a broken acoustic guitar, chopsticks on a snare drum, a bad hi hat, and my trumpet. Everything was recorded through the laptop mic. I was pretty frustrated with the California heat and the fact that I couldn’t record properly, so this sort of fever dream song was born.”

Listen to “A Thousand Words” above, find “Can’t Sleep” below, and pre-order the 7-inch single here.