John Denver Fans Didn’t Like Mark Zuckerberg Using One Of His Songs In Zuck’s Utterly Ridiculous 4th Of July Video

Yesterday was the 4th Of July, and people across the country celebrated. Some had cookouts, some enjoyed fireworks, and then some surf on a hydrofoil while waving an American flag, film a video of that set to John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” and post the video online. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg indulged in that last example, and Denver fans aren’t overly pleased about it.

Both Zuckerberg and Denver are trending topics on Twitter today, as fans of Denver and fans of anything that isn’t Zuckerberg took to the internet to share their thoughts about the clip.

Some speculated that Denver would not have cared for Facebook or Zuckerberg. One person wrote, “Just a reminder that John Denver was an anti-war environmentalist who campaigned for Jimmy Carter and against world hunger. He’d likely hate this turd and this stupid video.” Another noted, “RIP John Denver you would have hated Facebook.”

Others are hoping that Denver’s estate will speak out against Zuckerberg’s use of the song. The official Twitter account for Denver has yet to respond to the video.

Check out some other reactions to the post below. Last year, Whitney and Waxahatchee teamed up for an excellent cover of “Take My Home, Country Roads,” so revisit that here.