Julien Baker Understands Angry Fans Who Expected A New Ariana Grande Or Adele Album Instead Of Hers

Vinyl Me, Please, a lovely company that offers exclusive versions of new and old albums, really ticked off a lot of pop fans today (through no fault of their own). This morning, they teased a “big new album” they were releasing soon. Grande and Adele fans both assumed VMP was talking about one of those two, but it turned out Vinyl Me, Please was referring to Julien Baker’s Little Oblivions, which she announced today. That’s certainly a “big new album” in the indie community, but pop fans were furious when their wishes didn’t come true, and Baker herself understands.

Baker responded to an Uproxx tweet sharing our original post on the situation from earlier today, writing, “little do you know I’ve prepared my whole life to be the okayest alternative for a better thing.” Baker then showed a strong sense of empathy by putting herself in Grande and Adele stans’ shoes and realizing how she’d feel if she was one of them. She added in a follow-up tweet, “if I was expecting either I’d be a lil pissed too.”

Through all the backlash, Vinyl Me, Please put on a brave and happy front. They summarized the whole ordeal by tweeting, “Yeah, this thread has gotten pretty f*cking wild pretty f*cking quick, lol.” Responding to a frustrated Twitter user wondering who Baker even is, VMP wrote, “Great that you ask, she makes incredibly raw, self-confessional music. So jealous of you that you get to discover her now!” They also endorsed a tweet that wondered why Vinyl Me, Please would be the ones to reveal a new Adele or Grande project: “Plus why tf would a vinyl company be the ones to announce an artist of Adele’s size instead of Adele herself it just doesn’t make sense.”

All in all, cheers to Baker and Vinyl Me, Please for handling the situation well, and here’s to the disappointed Grande and Adele fans who decide to give Baker a listen today and discover that she’s great.