Karen O And Danger Mouse Announce A Rare Concert In Support Of ‘Lux Prima’

Karen O and Danger Mouse teamed up for an adventurous new album in March, Lux Prima. They haven’t brought the album to the stage all that much, though. They performed two shows at Los Angeles’ Ace Hotel on September 6 and 7, and back in March, the duo gave a cinematic, Spike Jonze-directed performance of “Woman” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. That’s all the performing they’ve done in support of Lux Prima, which makes this announcement all the more special: The duo is set to perform a “one night only” show at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, on November 14.

Tickets for the show are set to go on sale starting on Friday, and they will be available here.


Karen O previously talked to Rolling Stone about how her collaboration with Danger Mouse came together, saying, “It all started with me drunk-dialing Brian, back in 2008. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we did one of those live television things with Beck, and Brian had just done Beck’s record [Modern Guilt]. I drunk-dialed him from Europe: ‘We gotta work together!’ I had no recollection of this until he mentioned it. But we had been on each other’s radar for a while. […] Going into this record, we were just gonna see what happened in the studio together. No commitments, no ties whatsoever, no labels involved. No nothing. It was purely, “Yeah, let’s just make some music’ — like a kid in a sandbox. And it ended up being an expedition.”

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