Spike Jonze Directed Karen O And Danger Mouse’s Black And White Performance Of ‘Woman’ On ‘The Late Show’

Spike Jonze has directed a handful of critically acclaimed movies, but since the early ’90s, he’s also helmed dozens of music videos, by artists like Kanye West, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, and plenty of others. Every now and then, he also directs performances on late night TV and award shows, which turn out like a sort of live music video. Now he’s added another one of those to his resume after directing Karen O and Danger Mouse’s performance of Lux Prima track “Woman” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night.

After Colbert introduced the duo, the performance, which was shot in black and white, began with a group of dancers roaming the studio halls and waking up Danger Mouse and the rest of the band before being joined by Karen O. Karen and the dancers then ran through some choreography. There was more to it than that, but this is the sort of art that’s better to watch than read a description of.

This is far from the first time Jonze has done this sort of thing. A couple years ago, he directed a “live dance film” on The Tonight Show that was set to DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels’ “Nobody Speak.” In 2013, he also directed Arcade Fire’s performance of “Afterlife” at the YouTube Music Awards.

Watch Karen O and Danger Mouse’s Jonze-directed performance of “Woman” above, and read our review of Lux Prima here.

Lux Prima is out now via BMG. Get it here.