Kevin Morby Shares ‘Dumcane,’ A Resurfaced Outtake From 2016’s ‘Singing Saw’

Last month, Kevin Morby’s 2016 album Singing Saw celebrated its fifth anniversary. In honor of that, Morby has given fans a treat in the form of a previously unreleased song recorded during that album’s sessions, “Dumcane,” a slow and acoustic-driven tune.

Morby shared a statement about the track, explaining that the song, which was recently rediscovered on an old tape, just wasn’t a fit for Singing Saw:

“In honor of Singing Saw having just turned five years old I am releasing a lost and recently unearthed song, Dumcane. I had initially taken Dumcane to the Singing Saw sessions I did with Sam Cohen for what would become the album but our arrangement wasn’t feeling quite right sitting next to the other songs so I took it to my good friend and neighbor Kyle Thomas and we cut a stripped down version the same day that we cut my Townes Van Zandt – No place To Fall cover for the Beautiful Strangers 7″. For reasons beyond me this version of Dumcane sat inside Kyles tape machine lost and forgotten the last five years until Kyle stumbled upon it a few weeks ago while going through old tapes only days before Singing Saws fifth birthday. It felt like a sign from the universe that the the song could finally take flight. I am so happy to share this document of Kyle and I making music in his Pine Room on some sunny afternoon in what seems like a lifetime ago. Hope you all enjoy this pic of baby Morbs taken the same day we shot the cover of Singing Saw and you can go listen to the song on all streaming platforms xo”

Listen to “Dumcane” above.