Lord Huron Share A Teaser For A New Film Based On Their Cinematic Album ‘Vide Noir’

More than many other indie bands today, Lord Huron’s brand of music is distinctly suited for TV and movies. Over the past few years, the band’s songs have appeared in films and shows including 13 Reasons Why, Shameless, Girls, Togetherness, The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, Freeheld, Community, and plenty of others. Now, instead of letting others use their music on the screen, Lord Huron is doing it themselves, as they just revealed they’re releasing a Vide Noir film in 2020.

The group shared a 42-second teaser for the film, which describes it as “a new feature film” and includes nighttime footage and clips of the band performing, all set to the song “Ancient Names (Part I).” Beyond that, not much is known about the film yet.

The band’s Ben Schneider previously offered a cinematic description of Vide Noir (one that doesn’t sound too far removed from what we see in the teaser video for the upcoming film) in a 2018 interview with Uproxx, saying, “The way I think of the record and how it was conceived when I was writing, is someone’s nighttime odyssey through the city. They wander in and out of different clubs, hear different types of music, maybe occasionally they wander out to outer space, too. I just kind of wanted the record to sound like this meandering walk through different styles and emotions and experiences. It’s bookended pretty literally by this story. It starts with a guy who comes from somewhere else and arrives at the city looking for somebody and at the end of the record, he finds them and there’s some fallout.”

Watch the clip above, and revisit our interview with Schneider here.

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