Lucy Dacus Discussed Playing While ‘Ill Or In Pain’ After Doing A Boygenius Show With A Concussion

Lucy Dacus is now speaking out on social media after Boygenius‘ recent Toronto show. In a viral TikTok, Dacus sat in a chair on the stage as she was dealing with a concussion.

“The doctor said I could do the show, but I’m just gonna be chilling very hard,” she told the crowd. “I really want to be here, so I’m gonna sit intermittently and look so cool.”

Later in the fan’s clip, Dacus got up and stood to play the guitar with the rest of the band.

“I thought about saying something like this when I was doing couch tour with the herniated discs, but it feels relevant again now that I’ve got this concussion (I’m mostly fine, taking it easy)- we should not expect performers or anyone to show up for work ill or in pain,” Dacus wrote on Twitter this evening.

“That’s not a standard I condone,” she added. “I appreciate the support and feel good about what I’m doing, but I hope y’all would support me if I needed to cancel shows. Not trying to raise the bar or whatever, just wanna put on the show if I can.”

The fans in the replies sent Dacus their best wishes and hope that she can get well soon. Meanwhile, Boygenius is returning for a show in Columbus tonight.