Marilyn Manson Had One Of His Lawsuits For Sexual Assault Dismissed By A Judge

This past summer, a number of women stepped forward to accuse Marilyn Manson of sexual assault, and while a majority of those cases are still pending, a judge delivered a ruling for one of them on Wednesday. According to Rolling Stone, Judge Gregory Keosian dismissed a lawsuit against the singer for sexual assault from a woman who was anonymously identified as Jane Doe. She claimed Manson raped her back in 2011 but Judge Keosian dismissed her case due to the statute of limitations. The ruling explained that the victim’s alleged claims of having repressed memories — known as “delayed discovery” — from the assault would not be enough to overcome the statute of limitations in court.

Despite the rule, Judge Keosian granted Jane Doe 20 days to file a new complaint with more details in order to be considered for a future case. According to Rolling Stone, this is just one of four lawsuits Manson is facing for sexual assault. In June, he was accused by model Ashley Morgan Smithline of sexual assault, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, human trafficking, unlawful imprisonment, and more. The month before that, his former assistant Ashley Walters sued him for crimes that included sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual harassment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Prior to that, Games Of Thrones actress Esmé Blanco filed a lawsuit and claimed Manson raped and sexually battered her.

Furthermore, more than a dozen women have alleged sexual crimes against Manson including his ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood, who accused him of “horrifically” abusing and grooming her.