‘Stranger Things’ Actress Maya Hawke Adjusts To Life On Land In The ‘To Love A Boy’ Video

Maya Hawke is the latest Stranger Things actor to release new music. Last week, she shared the delicate, vulnerable single “To Love A Boy,” and today she has released a video for the track.

In “To Love A Boy,” Hawke longs for love. “I want to love a boy / The way I love the ocean,” she sings over a simple guitar melody. It’s a neat, abstract lyric, and the video for “To Love A Boy” has a lot of fun with that theme.

In the video, directed by Tess Lafia, Hawke literally longs to love a land-dwelling human as much as she loves the ocean. She plays a blonde-wigged mermaid washed up ashore. After being rescued and dropped in the city, she’s bewildered by everything she sees. Pools are lonely and shallow. A Marilyn Monroe statue is a friend who always smiles back. Anyone who has seen Stranger Things knows Hawke is a great actress, and the “To Love A Boy” video uses her expressive face to great effect. It’s The Little Mermaid as an indie film. (I’m sorry, Sofia Coppola.)

Along with the music drop last week, Hawke also announced that she’d be performing a show at the Sultan Room in Brooklyn on August 21.

Watch the video for “To Love A Boy” above.