Muna Debuted A New Song, ‘One That Got Away,’ And Brought Out Boygenius During Their Coachella Set

Muna took the Mojave stage at Coachella tonight (April 14), where the band premiered their upcoming song, “One That Got Away.” Prior to playing, they announced they’d be playing it and it was one not to miss.

“Yeah, you played it like a game / Never called it by its name,” lead singer Katie Gavin performed, commanding attention on the stage. “Isn’t it a shame how / Now I’m the one that got away?”

“I’m no longer in your reach / If I can’t hear you say it,” she added.

Already boosting off some high energy, Gavin also played a few of their self-described, “breakup song(s) you can shake ass to.”

At the end of Muna’s set, members of Boygenius (Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker) came out to perform “Silk Chiffon” as the closer together — given the song is the band’s breakthrough hit. And every person on the stage brought their all! Boygenius are also set to play Coachella — so Muna could very well crossover for their set too.

Check out their live debut of the new song and the “Silk Chiffon” clip above. Continue scrolling for some fan reactions to Muna’s Coachella set.

“One That Got Away” is out 4/17 via Saddest Factory. Find more information here.