Nana Adjoa Lets Her Imagination Run Free On Her Debut Album

Genre is not something that Nana Adjoa adheres to. It might not even be possible, given her musical background: the Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalist was born to a Dutch mother and a Ghanaian father, and got her start in music at the Amsterdam Conservatory. The music that surrounded her during her upbringing was diverse and exciting, and helped her to develop a signature style that zig-zags between elements of soul, folk, and jazz, while her lyrics focus on prevalent topics like race, gender, religion, and sexuality.

With a string of singles and EPs to her name, Adjoa is now ready to release Big Dreaming Ants, her debut solo album. It’s one of the most exciting and intriguing records slated for release this Fall, where it seems like the sky is the limit to what Adjoa can accomplish on a song. With the album out later this month, I recently chatted with Adjoa on Instagram Live to talk about the difference in approach from writing for an EP versus writing for a full-length album, how life informs her art, and our worst experiences with parking, as part of our Fall Music Preview. Check out the full interview below.

Big Dreaming Ants is out September 24 on Bloomer Records. Pre-order it here.