After 21 Years, Neil Young Is Finally Sharing ‘Toast,’ An Unreleased 2001 Album With Crazy Horse

Neil Young has a lot of unreleased music in his vaults, some of which he’s about to unveil: This summer, he’s going to share the album Toast with Crazy Horse, out via Reprise on July 8. It was recorded in 2001 at San Francisco’s Toast Studios, and the single “Standing In The Light Of Love” is out now.

The reason the Spotify protester held onto the album because it was “so sad that I couldn’t put it out,” he wrote. He continued:

“I just skipped it and went on to do another album in its place. I couldn’t handle it at that time. 2001.

John Coltrane, one of my heroes, made some music at ‘Toast’ studio back in the day. It may have been called ‘Coast’ then, but maybe not. The name changed a few times back and forth. It was on Mission in SF. The back door opened onto an alley. It was so stuffy in there that we left the door open until one day we saw rats coming in and out. After that, we just went outside for a smoke.

The music of Toast is about a relationship. There is a time in many relationships that go bad, a time long before the break up, where it dawns on one of the people, maybe both, that it’s over. This was that time.”

Listen to “Standing In The Light Of Love” above. Check out the album art and tracklist below.

Neil Young Crazy Horse Toast

1. “Quit”
2. “Standing In The Light Of Love”
3. “Goin’ Home”
4. “Timberline”
5. “Gateway Of Love”
6. “How Ya Doin’?”
7. “Boom Boom Boom”

Toast is out 7/8 via Reprise. Pre-order it here.

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