Nilüfer Yanya Heralds Her ‘Feeling Lucky?’ Remix EP With An Alternate Version Of ‘Day 7.5093’

UK songwriter Nilüfer Yanya gained a cult following with her jaunty 2019 debut album Miss Universe. Late last year, the musician followed-up the LP with the three-track project Feeling Lucky?, which further explored her melodic pop-rock sound. Now, Yanya has tapped a few talented artists to rework each song for her Feeling Lucky? Remix EP.

Yanya officially announced the remix project with a reworked version of the track “Day 7.5093” by Chicago-born producer KeiyaA. The new version of the track picks up the original song’s pace, melting Yanya’s textured vocals over a skittering beat and vibrant keys.

In a statement about the upcoming project, Yanya said, “The soundtrack to your summer has arrived! I’m a massive fan of all the artists and really honoured they took the time to put their own unique spin on each track. Hope all 3 remixes lift your mood like they have mine.”

After reworking “Day 7.5093” for the remix EP, KeiyaA expressed her excitement about the project. “It was an incredible challenge to re-harmonize this record using Nilufer’s melodies as my guide,” KeiyaA said. “Nilufer is an excellent songwriter and I was thrilled to be asked to do this remix.”

Listen to KeiyaA’s remix of “Day 7.5093” above and find Yanya’s Feeling Lucky? Remix EP tracklist below.

1. “Same Damn Luck (Little Dragon Remix)”
2. “Day 7.5093 (KeiyaA Remix)”
3. “Crash (Kwes Rework)”

Feeling Lucky? Remix EP is out 8/18 via ATO Records. Pre-order it here.