Paramore Finally Shared Their Spotify Wrapped Message After A Fan Joked About Them Having Technical Issues

Following the release of Spotify’s annual Wrapped promotion, some music lovers found special surprises from their top musicians this year. If an artist was in your Top 5 and they recorded a special message for listeners, Spotify users could view exclusive videos from Taylor Swift and Mitski to Niall Horan and Blackpink in the app. However, some Paramore fans were shocked to find out that they didn’t receive any videos from the band… at first.

One fan joked that they didn’t submit a video due to a running joke about ongoing technical difficulties. “paramore didn’t submit a spotify video for their top fans this year because they couldn’t figure out how to unmute themselves,” the viral post read.

Shortly after, Paramore must’ve caught wind of the post, as they eventually quoted with their exclusive Spotify video message. And it wasn’t on mute.

“Thanks so much for listening to our music, and being one of our top listeners this year,” the band said.

“So far, we’ve had a really good year releasing some new music, getting back on the road, and we cannot wait for you to hear our new album, This Is Why next year,” Hayley Williams added.

“On that note, have a very happy new year,” the video ends.

As it turns out, there was a happy ending for Paramore lovers after all.

Paramore is a Warner Music artist. .