Phoebe Bridgers Reveals Her Unedited Baby Photo From The ‘Stranger In The Alps’ Cover Art

With the release of her debut album Stranger In The Alps, Phoebe Bridgers proved her talent for confessional songwriting. Despite the success of her 2020 album Punisher, her debut LP’s song “Motion Sickness” is still her most-streamed track. Now, celebrating the four-year anniversary of the album that kick-started her success, Bridgers had shared the original photo that was turned into the Stranger In The Alps cover — and it’s actually one of her baby photos.

Stranger In The Alps‘s at-times haunting sound fittingly reflects its cover art, a photo of a dog standing next to a figure that’s been painted over to look like a ghost. The artwork was done by the artist Angela Deane, who is known for creating ghost compositions from vintage photographs. Bridgers has now shared the original photo that was eventually turned into her Stranger In The Alps cover art, and it shows Bridgers as an adorable toddler wearing a matching hot pink tank top and shorts and cheesing at the camera.

Sharing the photo on Twitter to commemorate the albums’ anniversary, Bridgers wrote: “stranger in the alps came out four years ago today thanks for listening.”

Stranger In The Alps is out now via Dead Oceans. Get it here.