Phoebe Bridgers’ Perfect New Tattoo Is Of The Sword And Note A Fan Gave Her After A Show

For a lot of people, tattoos are an intensely personal thing, meaning that there needs to be a strong inspiration behind the ink before it hits the skin. Phoebe Bridgers just got a new tattoo, and it’s definitely based on a moving experience that she shared in 2019. Bridgers posted a photo of the new ink, which depicts a sword stabbed through a piece of paper. Bridgers wrote on Instagram, “a fan brought me a note with a sword stabbed into it after a show and someone else got a tattoo of it so I did too.”

Bridgers touched on the backstory in her description, but to recap: In March 2019, while speaking out against Ryan Adams, Bridgers revealed on Twitter, “I was on tour with Ryan on women’s day a few years ago and he got every woman on the crew a sword except for me.” That tale stuck with one of Bridgers’ fans, so following a show soon after Bridgers’ tweet, the fan left Bridgers a sword. It was stabbed through a note that read, “To protec, To attacc, To look f*cking tight as hecc. Phoebe, I hope you like this (real, authentic) sword. You don’t need it, but you deserve it. Thanks for sharing your sad songs with us.” Bridgers shared a photo of the gift and wrote, “someone left this for me after the show last night I’m not crying you’re crying.” Now, nearly two years later, the impact of that moment apparently still resonates with Bridgers in a significant way, enough for her to memorialize it on her skin.

Usually, it’s fans who get tattoos inspired by their favorite artists, not the other way around. That said, it looks like Bridgers recently helped a fan get some ink inspired by her: Somebody tweeted at Bridgers, “phoebe write i buried a hatchet its coming up lavender in a piece of paper so i can get it tattoed challenge,” and a week later, Bridgers provided the written “Smoke Signals” lyric as requested.