Pup Are Releasing A Live Album That Will Only Be Available For One Day

Last year, Pup released Morbid Stuff, their wonderful third record and first for Rise Records. Now they’re looking back fondly on the time they spent promoting the album with a new live release: The band has announced Live At The Electric Ballroom, which was recorded during a pair of shows at the historic London venue on November 20 and 21 last year.

Like the show itself, though, this release will be fleeting. It comes out on Friday, July 3 (on Bandcamp for #BandcampFriday), and that is the last day it will be available for download. Half of the record’s proceeds will be donated to Critical Resistance and Breakaway Addiction Services in Toronto.

In a statement about the release, the band says they recorded the album primarily as a keepsake for themselves, but the result ended up sounding better than they expected:

“We never planned on putting these recordings out, because we expected them to suck. They were mostly just for ourselves, to mark what we considered to be a pretty big moment in our careers. But turns out, they suck a bit less than we expected. So in typical PUP fashion we made a plan to release them in a self-sabotaging, stupid way. The record will be sold for one day only. After that, it’s gone. Everyone we work with told us it’s a terrible idea. And they are definitely right. But one of the reasons we love working with them is because sometimes they agree to let us f*ck up on our own terms, and rally behind us in a supportive way. Thanks guys.”

When the album is available, pick it up here.