Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Thinks Fans Asking For Photos ‘Ruins’ The Interaction

Part of the territory of being in a successful and long-running band is fans wanting to share a moment with you. For Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, that’s fine, but he believes that “asking for a photo ruins it instantly.”

On Wednesday (August 3), an RHCP fan named Luke Vesely shared a brief video of himself and a couple others wrapping up a friendly-sounding conversation with Anthony Keidis and wrote in a follow-up tweet a couple days later, “@flea333 thank you (and AK) for being so kind and genuine while meeting us, you both are such rays of sunshine, you didn’t have to stop and chat but you did and i hope you know that you really impacted our lives. we love you and AK with all of our hearts! @ChiliPeppers.”

Another fan noted this sort of interaction with the band isn’t common and Vesely responded, “wow, that makes the meeting with him and flea way more special, perhaps he just felt comfortable in that moment, none of my friends nor i asked for a photo or autograph or anything we just talked so maybe that had to do with his interaction with us.”

Flea confirmed those suspicions, sharing the tweet and adding, “It’s because you all generated a kind and gentle light, and you didn’t ask for a picture. We are always down to talk and chat, asking for a photo ruins it instantly.” In response to another user who asked what’s wrong with taking a photo, he added, “There’s is nothing wrong with it. But it ruins having actual conversation. It is a transaction.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers is a Warner Music artist. .