Shamir’s Love And Climate Change-Themed ‘I Wonder’ Heralds His Upcoming Self-Titled Album

Philadelphia-based musician Shamir shared his most recent album Cataclysm back in March but he’s not done releasing new music. The singer followed-up the record’s release with the vibrant single “On My Own,” which he named an “accidental” quarantine anthem. Now, Shamir returns with “I Wonder” which announces yet another record he’s planning on debuting in 2020.

“I Wonder” flexes Shamir’s talent as a songwriter, combining striking instrumentals with his far-reaching vocals and intimate lyrics. “I’ll be the earth with the disease / And you the human inside of me,” he sings.

In a statement, Shamir said he penned the song as a reflection on where the themes of love and climate change intersect. “The song is about the feeling of love taking over your heart, even when you don’t want it to,” Shamir said. “It also alludes to climate change and how humans (‘love’) can be the most toxic thing to the planet (‘the heart’), but also the only thing that can fix it.” Speaking about the album as a whole, the singer explained why he chose the eponymous title: “I felt like it didn’t need a name, cuz it’s the record that’s most me.”

Listen to “I Wonder” above and find the Shamir cover art below.


Shamir is out 10/2 and independently-released without a label. Pre-order it here.