St. Vincent Launches A Time-Traveling 1970s-Themed Radio Show On Apple Music

After going almost four years without an album, St. Vincent returned this year with her seventh full-length work, Daddy’s Home. Prior to the project’s release, St. Vincent spoke about the album’s sound with The New Cue — a new newsletter from former Q Magazine editors Ted Kessler, Chris Catchpole, and Niall Doherty. “I would say it’s the sound of being down and out downtown in New York, 1973,” she said. “Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days.” Now, the singer will dive further into the 1970s period with her brand new radio show on Apple Music.

The show is titled WSTV Radio and it will find St. Vincent taking on the role of a 1970s New York City DJ. According to Rolling Stone, each episode follows a “day in the life” theme as Vincent plays hit songs from the ’70s and premieres “new” songs from soon-to-be music legends. The official description of the show gave more insight into what fans can expect.

“On WSTV Radio, the innovative art-rocker introduces her latest persona as she throws it back to the ’70s—tapping into the decade’s news, traffic, weather, and biggest hits by playing an NYC radio DJ,” it reads. “Clark takes a ‘day in the life’ approach on each episode, staying true to the day’s events as pulled from news archives. She’ll transport you back in time by playing the top three charting songs and new song ‘premieres’ from up-and-coming artists (who ended up making it big, of course) she took inspiration from while making her latest album Daddy’s Home.”

The first episode of WSTV Radio aired on June 4 and was set on August 15, 1972. St. Vincent revisited Long Island’s Festival of Hope, which featured artists like Jefferson Airplane, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and James Brown.

You can listen to the WSTV Radio show here.