The Blossom Changes Form In Their Mind-Bending ‘Shapeshifter’ Video

LA-based songwriter Lily Lizotte has been making music under the moniker The Blossom for some time now. After gaining momentum with a handful of singles released in 2020, Lizotte is gearing up for the release of The Blossom’s debut album, 97 Blossom. Offering another preview of the upcoming release, Lizotte shares The Blossom’s alt-rock-inspired single “Shapeshifter.”

The mind-bending visual released alongside the song echoes its theme. As Lizotte sings of picking up and trying out various identities, their image is distorted and warped on screen. “I can be anything no matter who’s around / The fire burning at my feet is burning me out,” they sing.

In a statement about the single, Lizotte says the song is meant to ease their insecurities:

“‘Shapeshifter’ is a reminder I’m not worthless and neither are you. It’s a celebration of insecurities. It’s sonically and lyrically the energy of mixed emotions, my gender dysphoria, disconnection, anxiety and yearning for something more than what is. It’s my cutting and devious grin at 3am when I tip my head back and laugh on the subway. It’s a spark of time captured where just for a moment my shadow feels 10ft tall….only to dip and duck in and out of that light. Forever shapeshifting just to say… ‘Hi’.”

Watch The Blossom’s “Shapeshifter” video above.

97 Blossom is out 4/6. Pre-order it here.