Waxahatchee And Kevin Morby Highlighted Both Their New Albums With ‘CBS This Morning’ Performances

Waxahatchee (aka Katie Crutchfield) and Kevin Morby’s 2020 experiences were kind of intertwined, in a way. Aside from the two dating, Crutchfield also played a role in Morby’s album Sundowners, as she features on some tracks and made appearances in Morby’s videos. This weekend, the two once again reconvened to help each other perform their songs for CBS This Morning‘ Saturday Sessions series.

Crutchfield was joined by Morby and her band to perform Saint Cloud highlights “Fire” and “Lilacs” while she returned the favor and helped Morby play “Campfire” and “Sundowner.”

Crutchfield recently discussed her future plans with Rolling Stone, saying, “I have so many things coming up, and none of them that I can talk about. I’ve been working on so many songs, and so much music…. I’m a Capricorn. I’m such a planner and a hard worker, and I feel like I’ve planned out the next three years, because I can’t sit still. So yeah, there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up.”

Morby also recently chatted with Uproxx and said of moving back to Kansas City, “Moving back here, it’s interesting when you’re faced with someone who you might love, but then suddenly their politics are the complete opposite of yours.”

Watch the performances above and below.

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