Who Is Tanner Adell? Get To Know The Singer On Beyoncé’s ‘Blackbiird’

Bunny Hive, assemble!

For the past several months, Manhattan Beach, California native Tanner Adell has been pushing her debut album, Buckle Bunny, and its breakout single of the same name, working hard to crack the color ceiling on country music with a unique take on the genre blending hi-hop rhythms with country’s traditional twangy guitars.

She just got a big hand in that regard from Beyoncé, whose Cowboy Carter album is expected to blow the roof off country music completely. And she’s bringing the “Buckle Bunny” singer along for the ride, placing her distinctive voice front and center on “Blackbiird,” Beyoncé’s cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” which appears on the album. So…

Who Is Tanner Adell?

Born in Lexington, Kentucky and raised in Manhattan Beach, Adell taught herself guitar growing up, moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2021 to pursue her dream of country music stardom.

“Buckle Bunny” is her breakout song, and has been bubbling on the periphery of country music’s mainstream, generating a buzz on social media as she works the record with a steady stream of performance videos and social posts, a la Flyana Boss’ “You Wish.” Clearly, her gambit paid off; in the song, which reclaims a sometimes derogatory term for female groupies of rodeo cowboys, she describes herself as “Beyoncé with a lasso.” Now, she’s on a song with Beyoncé herself. That star is on the rise.