These Businesses Have The Most $100K+ Jobs Up For Grabs

09.10.18 11 months ago

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They say money doesn’t buy you happiness. And sure, you can’t buy true love or a general contentedness, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to know the bills are paid and you’ve got cash in the bank. If you’re looking for a job that pays $100,000 or more, we’ve got news for you. Ladders, a job listing site that focuses on high-paid jobs, just put together a list of 15 companies that are hiring for $100k positions right now. So dust off your résumés and get ready to make biggidy bank.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, six of the 15 companies listed are tech companies: big names like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook and names you may not have heard of like Infosys. But you don’t have to be a code monkey to make six figures. You could also score a job at financial giant Capital One, real estate investment management conglomerate Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, or, hell, telecomm titan Spectrum. If you’re into aeronautics or robotics, go for one of the positions at United Technologies or Raytheon—which just scored major money from Microsoft to work on its robotics program.

Not for you? How about one of the 641 jobs at General Electric? They’re hiring engineers, site managers, factory leads, account managers, and more. Sure, you need years of schooling and experience to land any of these positions — but still, if you think your resume might be a fit you should shoot your shot.

Among those 15 companies are corporations like Banfield Pet Hospital, which means you could get paid to help animals. Animals! As in: not people! And then there’s Wipro Technologies, which started out as a palm oil refinery but is now working on using Blockchain technology to turn the industry—which is rife with environmental and humanitarian disasters— into a sustainable and ethical business by creating accountability throughout the supply chain.

Or if mission-driven work isn’t for you, perhaps get paid to tell people what to do with management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. (Alcohol puns not welcome.) Or, of course, get in on the ground floor at HCA, a for-profit healthcare facility operator. The healthcare sector has exploded globally and shows no signs of slowing down, so that’s a sure way to get on a long-term path to pay.

Check the full list of 100K plus jobs here:

1. Spectrum — 1,017 jobs
2. Amazon — 974 jobs
3. Facebook — 865 jobs
4. HCA — 757 jobs
5. Banfield Pet Hospital — 774 jobs
6. United Technologies — 767 jobs
7. Apple — 759 jobs
8. Infosys — 724 jobs
9. Wipro Technologies — 711 jobs
10. Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated — 689 jobs
11. Capital One — 671 jobs
12. Booz Allen Hamilton — 663 jobs
13. General Electric — 641 jobs
14. Google — 612 jobs
15. Raytheon — 612 jobs


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