20 Essential Items You Should Buy On Amazon Right Now For Less Than $20

02.07.16 4 years ago 9 Comments
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What can $20 get you these days? If you’re chilling at a Starbucks, you can enjoy approximately one designer drink and a ham-stuffed baguette; If you’re at a 7-11, you can buy a week’s supply of nachos. But what if you want to make your dollar stretch farther and wider than it ever has before? How can you allow a 20 dollar bill to sprout wings and fetch you items that your friends and family will covet so bad they might actually consider murder? Simple! Head on over to Amazon, where good times are sometimes less than a two-day delivery away!

Here are things you absolutely need to survive in 2016:

Dymo Label Maker: $15.91

Remember when you were a kid who wanted a label maker more than anything else in the word? Yeah, you were a weird kid, but that’s okay. Most of us still want one of these bad boys now that we’re adults. A label maker, though, is one of those confusing items you always assume costs more than it does. Ask anyone how much they think one might go for and they’ll tell you a number anywhere between 40 bucks and 200 dollars. With six fonts, eight sizes, and literally millions (200) symbols, not buying this and labeling everything in your home is criminal.

Samurai Bracelet Watch: Two for $7.80

One lesser-known fact about the Samurai is their fondness for LED wristwatches. All about being promt, those guys. Sometimes, before unsheathing their swords, Samurai would even pause battle so that everyone could take their watch off and put it into their armor where it’d be protected even if they weren’t. If a Samurai died in battle, the watch would be sent back to their families and passed down through generations.Now you can own a piece of history with this beautiful replica (which tells you the time in both 12 and 24 hour formats) that lights up. Just like in olden times!

1500 Lady Bugs: $12.55

What are you going to do with 1500 live ladybugs? Free them! Bask in them! Love them! How hard will it be to pass up the offer? Impossible. If you don’t start every story with “I was ordering 1500 live ladybugs from Amazon the other day and…” from now on, you’ll regret it forever.

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