Goodbye Ancient Hot Dogs, 7-Eleven Now Has Breakfast Pizza


If you’ve ever set foot into the American institution known as 7-Eleven, you’ve probably seen the sad, ancient-looking hot dogs slowly rotating as if they were put there the same day Teen Wolf premiered. You wouldn’t dare purchase one for fear of contracting some ancient, old-timey disease that could probably only be cured with penicillin. No, you won’t be getting Legionnaires Disease from one of those flaccid fluctuating frankfurters. Instead, you’ll grab a tried and true burrito, nuke it and be on your merry way.

On second thought, grab a slice of breakfast pizza. That’s right, 7-Eleven is finally combining America’s two favorite foods: breakfast and pizza. The store tested the pizza in various markets to obvious positive results. You can’t go wrong with pizza covered in smoked bacon, breakfast sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. The sauce even appears to be some kind of magical peppery cream gravy and the whole thing is rested gently on top of a crust made from biscuits. It’s like biscuits and gravy and pizza had a baby and made the most awesome meal to ever enter your mouth (at a 24-hours a day chain mini mart, keep your expectations in check).

Plus, they are selling two slices for only $2. That’s only a dollar a slice and a whole pizza is only $5.55.

“This is a hearty option for customers craving a warm breakfast in addition to their fresh-brewed cup of coffee on cold mornings,” says Nancy Smith, 7‑Eleven senior vice president of fresh food and proprietary beverages explains. “And it’s great for sharing at the office giving co-workers another great option from the usual box of great donuts.” Plus, now we won’t have to dig into the back of the fridge for a slice of cold pizza we ordered the night before. We can just stop by and grab a hot slice and a Slurpee made up of every single flavor available.