The Abused Horse That Jon And Tracey Stewart Adopted Has Sadly Passed Away

Jon Stewart has made good use of his retirement from The Daily Show by, among other things, adopting a horse who had lost an eyeball and had apparently been shot multiple times with paintballs. Sadly, the horse, named Lily, has died after about a month in the Stewarts’ care.

Late in May 2016, the Stewarts had adopted the horse in Pennsylvania, after she had been found abandoned with paint all over her coat. Penn Live reported that Lily had inflammation in both of her eyes when found, and was otherwise in poor health. The man who abandoned her was ordered to pay around $13,000 for her recovery.

WGAL reports that after her rescue, a veterinarian had to remove one of her eyes. Lily lived for the past several weeks at the Stewarts’ animal sanctuary in Middletown, N.J. Sanctuary personnel announced Lily’s death on their Facebook page, The Daily Squeal, written in the voice of two pigs who also live on the sanctuary. You can see the post above.

This story, as well as a recent incident in which people dragged a shark onto dry land for photos, shows the capacity that people have for cruelty towards animals. It sounds like that at least for Lily she was able to spend her remaining days with some peace thanks to the people who rescued her, and to Jon and Tracey Stewart.

(via WGAL and Penn Live)