Aerosol Tea Is Here To Save You Roughly 4 Seconds Every Morning

UPROXX knows your lead a busy life. You’re a real go-getter, always moving at optimum speed, and slowing down just isn’t an option. You’re determined to experience everything life has to offer. But wringing each day of all it’s worth can be difficult when you’re too busy spending literal minutes wringing out all the liquid from a tea bag. Well, not anymore.

Your tea-prayers have been answered by Nottingham-based No More Tea Bags, a company that seeks to eliminate the confusion and tortuous time-consumption of traditional bag brewing by producing highly concentrated tea in aerosol cans. Simply spray a couple squirts into your favorite mug, add hot water, and voilà – a steaming cup of highly efficient comfort. “It was really about just trying to make a better cup of tea,” co-founder Guy Woodall told Reuters, implying that something was woefully wrong with the now antiquated bag-in-water system. “Of course there’s an element of convenience with this and not having a soggy tea bag to get rid of at the end of it.” All those wasted years.

No More Tea Bags are available in three flavors: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Jasmine. England, a country not necessarily known for its forward thinking, is predictably weary of this proposed innovation to their centuries-old pastime. Some are calling the prebrewed tea dispenser “evil” on Twitter, spawning the ridiculous and aggressively British hashtag #teaheresy. Whatever, that just means more time saving for us colonials.

(Via The Globe and Mail)