Amber Rose Has A Message For Men About Sex Toys


Amber Rose is a complicated public figure. Initially pushed into the public eye by her relationship with Kanye West, she has taken the opportunities provided to her by fame to offer up a neo-feminist agenda that seems simultaneously too far for some people and not far enough for others. But, we love her. And, her latest campaign to decrease the stigma associated with sex toys is one that we fully back.

Rose just closed a 10-million-dollar deal with LELO, the world’s leading designer sex toy brand. But, despite the sex toy industry being highly lucrative, people are loath to talk much about toys or how they are being used. In a 2017 sex toy census commissioned by Lovehoney, the most popular sex toy retailer on the planet, a dildo is shipped out an average of every 77 seconds. Keeping that in mind, clearly the purchase rates are in no way reflected in the frequency of open, frank conversation.

In 2016, on her talk show, Rose revealed she had never used a sex toy, so, despite her reputation as a fairly sexual person, she clearly wasn’t too comfortable augmenting her sexy times with gadgets. That’s why she is now so passionate about her LELO collection and starting sex toy conversations and keeping them going. We spoke with her about men’s attitudes towards toys and she broke sh*t down. Read on to find out what she has to say to every man.

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What was the design process like for all of this?

I personally was obsessed with the brand, and we decided to collaborate. But, all of these sex toys were already created. I just took the seven that I wanted for my particular line. Eventually, I’ll be able to hopefully design my own.

Is that something you’re thinking about already?

Yeah, hell yeah. For sure.

Because I have to imagine that would be the most satisfying thing ever, to be able to design exactly the sex toy that you want.

Yeah, and I get to try them out, all day, for work, which is the best part.

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Do you think men approach sex toys differently than women?

One hundred percent. Absolutely. I think there’s a stigma behind sex toys and guys, especially if a woman wants to introduce it into the bedroom. Men feel as if their penis isn’t good enough, that they’re not fulfilling their girlfriend’s needs, and that’s really not the case at all. A lot of the stimulation for women comes from the clit, and so penetration feels amazing, but we also sometimes just need a little help down there. There’s nothing wrong with that. That doesn’t mean that we don’t love your penises.

I was going to say also, in my line, I have two toys for men. A lot of straight guys feel like anything that touches their butt area is gay, and it’s not gay at all, especially if it’s coming from a woman. Men, fortunately, have a prostate. I feel like if straight guys were just a little bit more open to stuff like that they would definitely be fulfilled in a whole different way.

If you got to speak to men directly, what would your message about using sex toys be?

I would say, “Don’t be intimidated by them.” I feel like there’s a stigma behind it when it comes to men as well. If I had a prostate, I would have things up my ass all the time. Men have that. Why not take advantage of that and not feel bad about it? Because whatever feels good to you, feels good. You don’t have to put a label on it. It doesn’t have to be gay, or straight, or whatever. Take all that shit out of your mind, and just go HAM and feel good about it.

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Awesome. Do you think men are being creative enough with using sex toys? On themselves and partners?

I don’t think so. I think that men are a bit intimidated by sex toys. I feel like a lot of men have an ego behind it where they just feel like their penis is just good enough, which it is in certain situations. But there’s nothing wrong with having a little extra helping hand to give you a little bit more pleasure.

What are some creative ways that sex toys can be used? Could the ones that are geared toward female clients be used by men?

It depends. If you had anything that goes anally, it has to have a stopper on it. And so that’s why they make specific toys for your butt and it has a stopper on it because if not, it can get stuck up there. And you have to go to the hospital to get it out. I actually just learned that a couple months ago. I didn’t even really know that. So, a lot of those girls’ toys, you aren’t able to put in your butt because they are dangerous.

How was the learning curve once you got involved with the sex toy game? You learned that they all needed to have a stopper. Did you learn other things?

Yeah, the line includes a G-spot stimulator, so it curves up and hits and massages your G-spot. It’s really cool, ’cause I feel like I didn’t know where my G-spot exactly was, like a lot of women don’t. I think when you hit it, you just know. But, the Gigi can actually help you really find it because you can maneuver it to exactly where you want it or where you feel it. Then, you know exactly where it’s at.

And that would be good for your partner to be involved in, too. Right?

Absolutely. Everything your partner can be involved in.