Nor-Cal Residents Will Soon Be Able To Get High At Their Favorite Record Store

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Chances are, you could always buy weed at the Berkeley, California offshoot of Amoeba Music. But now you can but it inside the building. According to a Facebook post from Oakland tree advocate/dispensary director Debby Goldsberry, the chain music store was granted a permit to sell marijuana at their Telegraph Avenue location. She wrote:

“We are planning the most epic dispensary ever at the Amoeba location on Telegraph. The dispensary will go where the jazz room is now. My mind is kind of blown right now!”

(We wonder why, Debby.)

The store already has a medicinal marijuana doctor’s office on-site but it could become a one-stop shop once Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective sets up inside the store. It might be a while before the new dispensary opens, as the plans to replace the jazz section and change the exterior of the store have to get permits of their own. The news does raise the question: if you replace the jazz section with a dispensary, then what will the stoned dads of Amoeba reach for after they ingest a few edibles?

The new dispensary could be a shot in the arm for a record store that the East Bay Express described as “ailing.” And it’s good to know that even if peak vinyl has come and went, we can still get really, really high.

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