Andy Cohen Admits To The Weird And Disgusting Way He Eats Doritos

Andy Cohen once again welcomed the dream team of Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper into the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse Wednesday night, a combo that never fails to produce laughs. This instance was no different, as the trio of hosts were accompanied by their assistants behind the clubhouse bar, who joined their bosses in a game of “Truth or Drink” — the premise of which was fairly straightforward: the assistants would be asked questions about their bosses, which they could choose to answer or take a shot.

They started out pulling no punches with the question to name “one celebrity your boss can’t stand.” Unsurprisingly, two of three assistants chose to drink on that one (Ripa’s assistant is pregnant so she took her shot for her) except for Cooper’s assistant who answered “Britney Spears” to his boss’s objections.

Next up was to name their boss’s grossest habit, and Cohen’s assistant immediately pointed out the disgusting way he eats Doritos, which is apparently to suck the flavor off of them. Yuck. Cohen defended his habit by claiming, “Yes, I suck the flavor off them. It’s fun. They last longer!” Diet tips from the stars! It should be noted that Cooper’s assistant also pulled no punches to that question with the answer, “Hanging out with Kathy Griffin.” Uhh, no comment.