This Airport Brewpub Offers Proof That Flying Isn’t All That Bad

04.12.16 3 years ago 4 Comments


Airports suck. Travel is a hassle. Other human beings trying to go places when we are also trying to go places is a recipe for frustration. Right?

For most of us, even the term “airport” elicits a cringe. Over the years, it’s been embedded in us that the airport dance is a stressful one. But maybe times are changing. Sure, taking your shoes off to go through a body scan will always feel like a drag, but it doesn’t have to be all misery. I definitely didn’t feel miserable when I found Terrapin Beer Co. at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

I walked through the sliding doors and the first thing that caught my eye was the wood. The Terrapin Tap Room is designed with real wood, repurposed from the company headquarters in Athens, Georgia. Right from the outset, that little design touch felt unique compared to so many boil-in-the-bag airport spots. Restaurants that have an airport contract know that they have a captive audience — so it’s easy to make a minimum effort — but this felt like true Southern hospitality.

“Come in, look around, stay awhile.”

I passed the cigar and hookah cabinets (it’s a smoke room too) and took a seat at the bar. Terrapin is like a beer museum of sorts, each wall celebrates beer and tells a piece of the company’s story. Here again, the message was clear: This was no airport ‘quick stop.’ Terrapin was crafting an experience.



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