These Eight Airports Are Seriously Stepping Up Their Food Game

08.21.15 4 years ago 16 Comments
Airport Food


“Back in the day” airports were culinary wastelands. Fast food joints, sad looking bars, and plastic-wrapped sandwiches littered the landscape. You ate Cinnabon, not because you wanted one but because it was the only thing available.

Now, those days seem to be coming to an end. Airports are actually making a serious effort to rank above the dentist office on the list of “places people hate spending time.” Part of that means brighter and better designed spaces, but the key component? Stepping up their food game.

Famed screaming person and collector of Michelin stars, Gordon Ramsay, has an airport restaurant now. So does Cat Cora. Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP) has a “food truck alley” in the works. Why the switch from insanely priced turkey wraps to world class wine bars and gourmet steaks? Because no one wants to Instagram a photo of their greasy Big Mac. Also the whole captive-audience-with-corporate-cards-who-fetishize-food thing might have something to do with it.

If you want to eat well as you travel, check out these eight airport dining experiences.

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