There’s An ‘Avocado Only’ Restaurant In Brooklyn Now


Avocados are a great fruit. They’re full of good nutrients and calories, and you can make guacamole with them — which makes them a damn near perfect ingredient. All of that said, over the last few years the avocado’s popularity has blown up in restaurants and on social media feeds. Avocado toast became the toast (#sorrynotsorry) of LA and New York eaterie; debates over the best guac recipes raged. So it’s probably not a surprise that there’s now a restaurant devoted entirely to serving avocado-based dishes.

Avocaderia has opened in Portland Brooklyn this month and features a menu rife with carry-out-only avocado dishes. You’ll be able to try, wait for it, avocado on or in “toasts, salads, bowls, and smoothies.” Or, you know, what you can get at every other place that’s wedged avocado onto their menu.

The avocado mecca in Brooklyn was conceived by Italian immigrant Francesco Brachetti, who convinced his cousin Alberto Gramini and their friend Alessandro Biggi to leave Italy for America to open Avocaderia. (But if this photo is any indication, one of them may be having second thoughts.

Brachetti told The New York Times that he fell in love with avocados when he visited Mexico, “They’re tasty and healthy, and I ate them every day.” Brachetti continues, “we didn’t have them in Italy.” Which, huh? [ed. note, I’ve seen and eaten avocado all over Italy. Hell, they put them on pizzas there!]

Anyway, Avocaderia’s website doesn’t offer much more to clue us in on the actual menu — in fact there isn’t even a menu listed. But it does proclaim right at the top, “We are the world’s first avocado bar.” We think there’s a restaurant in Amsterdam, a pop up in London, and probably 100 food stalls around the world that would find a little fault with that bombastic claim, but, you know, you’ve got to admire their exuberance.

(Via The New York Times)