This Petty ‘Bad Restaurant Revenge’ Reddit Is Straight Out Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Have you ever wanted revenge? I’m not talking about hardcore John Wick-style you-killed-my-puppy-revenge, I’m talking about the petty kind. The sort of situation that sounds like a plot point from a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. Maybe someone stretched out your favorite sweater, maybe they borrowed something and didn’t return it, or hell, maybe you just don’t like them but can’t seem to get away from them.

In these situations, you have to ask yourself, “What would Larry do?”

That seems to be what thousands of Redditors are asking each other after a post went viral over the weekend in several cities across America. The post entitled, “Looking for a mildly expensive awful restaurant to recommend to someone I don’t like, any suggestions?” has inspired many copycats.

From what we can tell the thread first started one week ago on r/newhampshire posted by u/Environmental3rdEye (though an earlier version with slightly different wording was posted to r/LosAngeles two years ago). The post has been replicated in various cities’ Reddit pages like r/Seattle, r/Kansascity, r/Minneapolis, and more and has even jumped across the pond to r/Sheffield and r/Glasgow.

The suggestions are wonderfully petty, r/OrangeCounty’s top recommendation reads “Javier’s at Irvine Spectrum. Uninspiring food, expensive as all out, and cherry on top is the long wait times. Bon appetit!” As a Southern California native I can confirm that this poster is spot on [it’s is a perfectly inspired choice! — ed]


If you’re visiting Cincinnati and someone suggests you visit the rooftop restaurant Eighteen, they just might be your enemy. This reasoning from one user sounds downright diabolical.


Bad food, bad service, audible terror, and roaches? Say less.

If your enemy is rolling through New Mexico it looks like the consensus bad pick on r/albuquerque is the Mexican restaurant El Pinto.


At Washington DC’s Urban Roast, not only will your frenemy encounter big crowds and mediocre food, but they won’t be able to get a decent Instagram photo out of the experience.


Has this viral thread brought out the worst in people? Maybe, but it’s a lot of fun reading through the suggestions, especially if you have a connection to the city in question or have first-hand experience with its dining scene.

But you’ve been warned, tread lightly if you suddenly get unsolicited restaurant suggestions from someone you thought was your friend.