Bartenders Tell Us What Fads They’re Desperate To Be Rid Of In 2018

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Bartenders aren’t immune to trends; in fact, they’re on top of them. If you’re just now learning about smoked cocktails or using activated charcoal as an ingredient, chances are bartenders are already sick of it. They stand behind the bar, day in and day out and see every new ingredient and every new technique weeks and months before it’s even on your radar.

That’s not to say that this leaves them jaded. It’s just that while you walk in and order a cocktail once a week, they stand behind the bar and make drinks for hours every day. When something is hot in the cocktail world, they’re forced to work with the ingredient or spirit or technique-of-the-moment until they never want to see it again.

2017 was no different. That’s why we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us the trends from last year they most want to see go by the wayside in 2018.

No way Rosé


Bill Riley, Beverage Director of Three Kings Hospitality Group

“I hope that the flood of rosé will let up a bit. Last summer was crazy. I like rosé, but it was like everyone forgot that there is white and red wine.”

Overly complicated drinks


Natasha David, co-owner and head bartender at Nitecap in New York City

“Overly complicated drinks. There’s a reason a three-ingredient cocktail like the Negroni stands the test of time — it’s complex within its simplicity. It’s balanced and all ingredients get to shine.”

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